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About Matt Tabor 

In a world filled with noise, Matt Tabor carves out symphonies that speak directly to the soul. With over 10 years of experience in the music industry, Matt has honed the craft of music production to perfection, transforming raw ideas into sonic masterpieces.


From the ethereal emotion of modern indie folk to the rhythmic drive of indie pop rock, Matt's diverse portfolio is a testament to a profound understanding of the musical spectrum. Beyond the notes and beats, Matt sees music as a tapestry of stories, emotions, and journeys. Every track produced under Matt's guidance is not just a song; it's an experience.

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Gold Standard Approach

Collaborating with artists from various genres and backgrounds, Matt's studio has become a melting pot of creativity. This fusion of diverse influences gives Matt a unique edge – the ability to bring out the best in every artist, ensuring that their authentic voice stands out in the mix.


At the core of Matt's work ethos is a deep-rooted passion for music. Recognizing that every artist is unique, Matt offers a bespoke approach to production – tailor-making tracks that resonate with the artist's vision and audience alike.

Matt loves helping artists realize their vision and create a unique sound. He excels at helping artists move from the demo phase to creating competitive commercial releases. What sets Matt apart is a relentless passion, a keen ear for the undiscovered, and a commitment to making music that's authentic and groundbreaking.


With Matt, you're not just another name on a roster. You're a partner in the truest sense. Together, you won't be bound by industry norms or popular trends. You will forge a new path together, creating music that's a reflection of combined vision and creativity.


Are you ready to elevate your sound to new dimensions? Dive into the immersive world of Matt Tabor and let your music do the talking.


Matt is always looking for talented artists to create with.  Let's connect.


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